Sharepoint Breadcrumb: Display’s current site title

To display only the current site title in Sharepoint breadcrumb add the property ParentLevelsDisplayed=”0″ in the <asp:SiteMapPath… tag The below Asp:SiteMapPath tag display only the current site title

Customize search box in sharepoint 2007

Now, we learn how to customize the sharepoint search box

Configure advanced search in sharepoint

Change Date Format of Site Column

MOSS links open in new window

There is very easy way to open the Links webpart links in new window using SPD. 1. Open the site in sharepoint designer. 2. Select the Links webpart and convert it into XSLT Data View 3. Then, select any one of the link in Links webpart and right click you will find Hyperlinks Properties option, […]

Calculate two fields in Sharepoint list

please follow the steps: 1. Create three columns Quantity, Unit Price & Net Amount 2. Columns types: Quantity [Number], Unit Price [Currency], Net Amount [Calculated (Calculation based on other columns)] 3. While creating Net Amount Column give text which is quotes (avoid quotes) “=[Quantity]*[Unit Price]”

Format sharepoint list column text

1. Open the site in Sharepoint Designer 2. Select the list webpart and convert it into XSLT Data View 3. Select the column text which you want to make as bold/italic right click and take mouse over on Format Item as option and click on Text 4. Then format the text accordingly.