Configure incoming e-mail settings in Sharepoint document library

Configure outgoing e-mail settings in Sharepoint

Configure advanced search in sharepoint

Change Date Format of Site Column

Calculate two fields in Sharepoint list

please follow the steps: 1. Create three columns Quantity, Unit Price & Net Amount 2. Columns types: Quantity [Number], Unit Price [Currency], Net Amount [Calculated (Calculation based on other columns)] 3. While creating Net Amount Column give text which is quotes (avoid quotes) “=[Quantity]*[Unit Price]”

Business Data Catalog: Configure Search for Business Data Application

Yesterday, I was on the task of importing the bussiness data in to the sharepoint site which was successfully done. But when I type keywords to search my business data (business data is nothing but apart from content database like Adventureworks, Northwind etc.) in sharepoint site, I was unable to view the single result, though […]