Change central administration port number

Follow the below steps to change the Central Administration port number On the sharepoint server open the command line window and type cd C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12BIN

Configure site usage reports in MOSS 2007

1) Configure site usage reports in Central Administration Go to, Central Administration > Operations > Usage Analysis Processing

Form Based Authentication in Sharepoint 2007

Steps to configure Form based authentication in MOSS 2007: Creating the SQL database Creating the users in SQL database Creating two sharepoint sites (one is web application and other extending the web application) Configure membership, role provider and connection string in both web.config files of the Sharepoint site Configure authentication type in central administration

Configuring LDAP authentication in MOSS 2007

Create a web application on port 5 (not only on 5 you can chooose other ports too) Extend the web application on to port 6 (which was created on port 5)

Install language packs for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007

Click Start > Settings > Control Panel, then click Regional and Language Options.

Configure incoming e-mail settings in Sharepoint document library

Configure outgoing e-mail settings in Sharepoint

Business Data Catalog: Configure Search for Business Data Application

Yesterday, I was on the task of importing the bussiness data in to the sharepoint site which was successfully done. But when I type keywords to search my business data (business data is nothing but apart from content database like Adventureworks, Northwind etc.) in sharepoint site, I was unable to view the single result, though […]